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Employment advice

A labor consultancy is a specialized service that provides guidance and assistance to companies and workers on issues related to the workplace and human resources. Its main objective is to offer expert advice on legal matters, labor regulations, contracts, relationships between employers and employees, internal company policies, among other aspects.
We provide support in payroll management, hiring and termination procedures, as well as in the interpretation of current labor laws and regulations. In addition, they can offer guidance on social security issues, employee benefits, prevention of occupational risks and resolution of labor disputes.
We act as a strategic ally for both employers and employees, facilitating compliance with legal obligations, promoting good labor practices and providing solutions to various problems within the workplace.

Labor legal advice

Provide guidance and assistance in the interpretation of labor laws, regulations and standards. This includes drafting and reviewing employment contracts, advice on layoffs, compensation, and compliance with local labor regulations.

Human resources management

Assist in the comprehensive management of human resources, including the selection and hiring of personnel, payroll administration, development of internal company policies, management of benefits and employee benefits.

Prevention of occupational hazards

Provide advice on occupational health and safety, identifying risks in the workplace, implementing prevention measures, carrying out risk assessments and training staff on occupational safety issues

Resolution of labor disputes

Assist in the resolution of disputes between employers and employees, whether through mediation, negotiation or representation in legal proceedings, seeking efficient solutions and avoiding costly litigation.


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