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We guarantee that all visa and work permit procedures

A multinational company wants to hire a highly qualified foreign professional for a key position in its local branch. The selected candidate is a technology expert and would contribute significantly to the growth and development of the company in the local market.
The company needs to ensure that all visa and work permit procedures for this foreign candidate are completed without incident and within the established deadlines. However, they face complexities in the process due to specific documentation requirements, labor regulations and local migration regulations.
Necessary actions of the employment consultancy specializing in foreigner procedures:

Initial evaluation

The labor advisory reviews in detail the situation of the foreign candidate and the local immigration regulations to determine the exact requirements necessary to obtain the visa and work permit.

Documentation assistance

It provides guidance and assistance to the candidate and the company in the compilation of the necessary documentation, making sure that it is complete and meets the requirements required by the immigration authorities.

Administrative procedures

Carry out the necessary procedures before the relevant authorities for the visa and work permit application, following the legal procedures and established deadlines to avoid delays or problems in the process.

Continuous monitoring

He maintains constant communication with the immigration authorities to monitor the process, anticipating possible obstacles and taking corrective measures if necessary to speed up the obtaining of permits.

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Desired result

The foreign candidate obtains his visa and work permit in a timely manner, allowing his incorporation into the company as planned, and the company complies with all relevant labor and immigration regulations.

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