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The office

We are MQL

MQL is a professional office in which we try to provide service and solutions adapted to any type of client. Our work is both at the level of companies and individuals.

Our specialty is labor law, which is why we offer advice on labor matters that is essential for the proper functioning of a company.
We take care of the relationship with our clients, in such a way that we know the company from the inside, which means that we can give personalized advice.

Priority is to know the current legal regulations applicable at all times, the labor issue changes from time to time, which is why we try to know all the  applicable news.

Trust is a very important value, that is why we are demanding in the search for solutions, our priority is our clients.

We work in a collaborative environment, in which each professional has specific training in an attempt to provide a good service, to do so we share each other's information and experience and be more decisive.


We are here to resolve your legal concerns!

MQ Assessoria

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